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Solution Architecture

Application sphere based on a web server that communicates with any type of database where the document files are stored in the file system, and executables (engine, forms, connectors) in dedicated folders.

The DEW-1 is fully configurable to customer needs workflow solution with integration to external systems.

Main Functions

  • The full-featured business process management model XPDL, XPDL 2.0, BPMn
  • One simple interface for creating processes and work with them (MyPlace)
  • An innovative approach to privileges
  • Intuitive tracking processes in progress
  • Quick access to completed applications
  • Reports, substitutions, interface My team – package for managers available directly from MyPlace
  • QuickSearch – search processes by any phrases
  • Advanced search
  • Deadlines and escalations
  • Email notifications and email process control (“Lazy aprovall”)
  • View processes dashboard or in tabular
  • Extensive API based on procedures
  • The ability to use any data source
  • Support for SSO and communicating with AD
  • Ability to select the type of server (IIS or Apache), databases (SQL Server, MySQL) or operating system (Windows Server 2008/2012 or Linux)
  • Defined styles and colors
  • Knowledge base
  • Implementations onSite or SaaS
  • Multilanguage ready

Technical requirements of client stations

  • Mozilla Firefox browser or Chrome (all free)
  • We recommend working on monitors with a resolution greater than or equal to 1280 × 1024
  • Any operating system of workstations as long as it allows the installation of the above-mentioned browsers

Technical requirements for the server environment

Installation possible in both Linux and Windows Server environments. It is necessary to enable access through the graphical interface.

The minimum hardware requirements for the server environment

  • dual-core processor with a minimum clocking of 2GHz/s
  • dysk 80GB
  • RAM 4GB
The transmission of data and information

The system has built an API based on procedures. The exchange of data and information can be by any established method (connectors, flat files, direct connections to the database).

Method of integrating with other systems

DEW-1 system supports bi-directional integration. The most common way to integrate is to communicate directly through the API or communication of both systems through web services.

Integration with ERP

We have experience in the integration of multiple systems ERP, including SAP, CDN XL, Optima, Subrea, Navision, Egeria, Baan, JD Edwards, Symfonia, Reviso, WF-FaKir.

Through bi-directional communication we can support the accounting system in the following events:

  • “Parking” document in the ERP system (data header, quota and registration in the accounting system and receiving back the remaining data eg. invoice accounting number. This procedure is called the Early Archiving)
  • Download data after the traditional parked invoices in the accounting system (this procedure is called the Late Archiving – a document recorded in the accounting system first, and then based on the specified parameters are retrieved data into the system)
  • Downloading data – MPK, types of expenses, accounts accountants, etc. directly from accounting system for precision decreeing invoice
  • Transferring to accounting system the contents of the substantive description tables

Principles of Cooperation

The basic methodology of the projects is SCRUM (one of agile methodologies). We also have experience in managing projects using methodologies PMI, Prince2.

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